PSone White PS5 Controller


Rediscover the past with Killscreen’s retro line of Sony PS5 DualSense controllers. Inspired by the iconic PSone design, immerse yourself in a classic style while enjoying modern performance. The familiar DualShock flat button layout and retro aesthetics deliver a performance and feel that’s nothing short of legendary. Coupled with the latest DualSense gaming technology, it’s the perfect fusion of vintage style and modern tech, bringing the best of both worlds to your PS5 experience.

2024-02-09: Back in stock!

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Our Canvas

At Killscreen, crafting the ultimate custom PS5 controller experience is an artistry that begins with a pristine canvas – a brand new, authentic Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense™ wireless controller. We believe in pushing the boundaries of customization, granting gamers the power to command a controller that is unique and unmistakably their own.

Box for Pink PS5 Controller

“Love the controller it is amazing keep doing what your doing kill screen 💯”


“They sent me a little personal doodle and note that made me chuckle…and the controller I got was rad”


“Absolutely fire controller brother 🤟🏻”



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